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An Addictive Cure for All that Ails Us…

An Addictive Cure for All that Ails Us…

A cure for the stresses and pressures that attack us daily recently revealed itself to me. As a pharmacist, cures and remedies always catch my attention. This cure is simple, natural and totally rewarding. This cure possesses no unpleasant side effects. A WARNING: IT IS IMMEDIATELY ADDICTIVE! As a result, one dose will instantly leave you craving another…then another.

Indulge me as I explain. I live a wonderful existence with my wife, Anne. Three wonderful young people enrich in our lives. Well, they are young to us, ranging in age from 21 to 29 years.

Their adventures in life have just begun. One married this year, the second will be getting married next year. The third is in his junior year in college. Excitement abounds in the Perry household about what the future holds for them and for us…as grandparents. That day cannot come soon enough.

Wanting Grandchildren…

My wife nor I do not pressure any of our kids for grandchildren. But we can’t wait. Since Anne has been planning weddings for the last eighteen months (and will continue to plan until next May), the last weeks and months have been spent discussing what our grandparents names will be. This topic garners heated debate. I’m partial to Opa (German for grandfather). It’s what we call my father. Though we are not German. It comes from the time my sister and her professional hockey player husband spent time in Landsberg and Fussen and where my niece was born.

Anne has not yet decided what she wants to be called. I prefer MeMaw (Anne hates this!). I think she is leaning towards Lolly with me being referred to as Pop. So together we’d be referred to as LollyPop. Not sure I want to be the tail end of a confection. The debate still rages!


We hope fatherhood is a few years away for Alex as he is still in college. Katlyn (recently married) lives in South Carolina. When the day her first child arrives, I know that I will see a lot less of Anne as she will be shuttling back and forth to the Palmetto state frequently. Recently, Sarah (the engaged) invited one of her future bridesmaids, Becca, to our house for dinner. Her husband serves in the Coast Guard and is currently aboard a cutter in the Gulf of Mexico after the devastating storms that ravaged Texas and Florida. He is away for a few months while his wife, a nurse, lovingly begins the process of raising their daughter Ellie, a beautiful, wide-eyed bundle of life and love.

My wife, Anne, had helped out with Ellie and we have had the pleasure of Becca’s and Ellie’s company on several occasions. Anne’s eyes exude a deep inner beauty not normally seen on most days when she holds little Ellie. I, too, held her as the girls explored our neighborhood. Ellie cooed and struggled against the inevitable, post-feeding nap. After rocking and whispering to her for several minutes, finally, she fell fast asleep.

The Cure

Baby Ellie

Job and Life Pressures…

As a pharmacist, I am often assaulted by the pressures of my job…cranky patients, an overload of prescriptions which can never be completed fast enough, employees who sometimes think their job is a God-given right rather than a privilege. Consequently, I bring these pressures home and unload on them Anne. As a writer, deadline, writer’s block or the occasional bad review sometimes haunt me.

We all read and hear about the madness in the world, the deep divides in our society, both political and cultural. The news is rife with storms, riots, protests, terrorist attacks, lone gunman, wacky politics in Washington and North Korean missile tests. Man, we need a cure.

Sometimes life overwhelms. As a result, it is easy to lose sight of what is really important.


The cure for all that ails us…

As that beautiful baby girl slept cradled in the crook of my arm, I was revisited by a different kind of peace and serenity I had not felt in a long time. It had been more than twenty years since my future college graduate was less than a year old. Time rolled back for me. Holding that little bundle of potential, then and now, reminded me of the beauty and All issues and concerns melted away, replaced by an inner nirvana more potent and addictive than any narcotic.

How to hold a baby

I watched her tiny lips move gently as her sleeping eyes rippled beneath perfect lids. The fingers of her hand wrapped around my forefinger with the gentleness of a butterfly’s wings. Her breathy, contented sighs against my chest reminded me of the precious nature of our existence and that with each generation we have a renewed hope for the future. Ellie is the new generation. She embodies all the potential goodness of the human race. Furthermore, all children represent a Second Chance.

There is no better way to find peace than to hold a baby. Thank you, Ellie.

Maybe I’ll send Katlyn and Sarah a quick text…Opa and Lolly aren’t getting any younger…